Vision & Mission

"Green is (not) just a color!"

For us, a Renewable Champion is not just a greenwashed institution for marketing purposes. It is a complex transformation impacting a firm’s sustainability strategy, involving various external stakeholders (e.g. offtaker, power producer) and integrating different technologies like solar and wind power. This induces a high level of uncertainty and makes the switch towards green energy as being one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

We focus on dissolving those frictions between supply and demand by providing customized commercial and financial consultancy for both sides. First, we provide outstanding workshop formats for topics like corporate power purchase agreements (PPA) to implement sustainable renewable energy knowledge in your organization. As a second crucial step, we support you in finding the right offtaker and the most feasible RE project. Third, we help you to realize your sustainability strategy by advising you in the commercial structuring of energy-related topics (e.g. PPA).

We want you to become a renewable champion!

Green Brain Academy

Green Brain Academy®

As a major part of corporate sustainability strategies, procuring renewable energies requires in-depth knowledge in evaluating and contracting power purchase agreements (PPA). The Green Brain Academy® transfers tailor-made knowledge for all aspects, around a successful PPA transaction. Beside these contractual aspects you will also learn the commercial key elements such as financial modeling and power price forecasting to contribute appropriately to the high complexity of PPA transactions.

Green Brain Academy

Enter the Green Brain Academy to become a Renewable Champion!

Commercial Consulting

Commercial Consulting

Realizing renewable energy projects is the main concern of our activities. Therefore, we help our clients in sourcing the contractual counterpart such as offtakers, developers, and investors. Our experienced transaction team also supports you in structuring and negotiating subsidy-free solutions such as power purchase agreements (PPAs). Due to our great network in financial markets, we can help you in the financial sourcing (debt / equity) as well as in the M&A process for RE projects (Sell Side / Buy Side).

Green Brain Academy

Enter the world of subsidy-free renewable energy projects!

Green Energy Rating

Green Energy Rating®

In complex and volatile power markets, it is key to identify a sufficient counterpart being able and willing to enter into a long-term corporate PPA. These counterparts could be either offtakers or power producers, who are sustainable and economically feasible in several ways. Our Green Energy Ratings are a specific evolution of a sustainability rating primary related to energy to facilitate your decision making. Our team of experienced market analysts provides you a standardized evaluation of Offtakers, RE-Projects and electricity markets fostering transparency for subsidy-free renewable projects.

Green Brain Academy

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