Vision & Mission - We want you to become a Renewable Champion!

For us, a Renewable Champion is not just a greenwashed institution for marketing purposes. It is a complex transformation impacting a firm’s sustainability strategy, involving various external stakeholders (e.g. offtaker, power producer) and integrating different technologies like solar and wind power. This induces a high level of uncertainty and makes the switch towards green energy as being one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. We focus on resolving those frictions between supply and demand by providing customized commercial and financial consultancy for both sides.


First, we provide outstanding workshop formats for topics like corporate power purchase agreements (PPA) to implement sustainable renewable energy knowledge in your organization. As a second crucial step, we support you in identifying the right offtaker and the most feasible RE project. Third, we help you to realize your sustainability or energy sales strategy by supporting you in the commercial structuring of energy-related topics (e.g. PPA).

Track Record