Termination Payment

In case of termination following default by the other party,the termination payment represents the compensation of the default party. This can be either a formula based approach with linking to the power market or a fixed payment sum.

Energy Output

The total amount of electricity generated by the generator per period during the term as measured at the point of delivery.

Production Guarantee

Production Guarantee means the Independent Power Producer, or more precisely the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), has the obligation to deliver a certain volume during a certain period (i.e. Settlement Period). In case the production volume is below the guarantee amount AND the damage is solely caused by reasons for which the SPV is responsible, the […]

Load Shifting

Load Shifting is defined as a short-term reduction of electricity consumption by rescheduling a certain amount of electricity to a later date when power prices or grid usage is lower. Load Shifting can be realized by turning on own onsite Electricity Generation Facilities or turning off unnecessary plants or machines. In addition, electricity storage facilities […]

Intraday Market

Charging a commercial battery during non-peak times and discharging it during the operational hours means peak demand charges can be significantly reduced.

Grid emission rate factor

The grid emission rate factor displays the average emissions generated by all energy facilities (e.g. coal, lignite) within a grid system. Often it is possible to calculate the emission factor on a smaller grid area to achieve higher accuracy.